What is Auto Clean Chimney? Advantages and Disadvantages

No doubt, a kitchen chimney plays an important role in any modern kitchen. They are responsible for keeping the kitchen free from smoke, grease, and aroma. Also, they provide illumination that helps to view the cooking process. If a kitchen doesn’t have a chimney installed, unhealthy smoke, heat, and cooking odors will linger around the kitchen.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen chimney, you also have to decide whether you should choose an auto-clean chimney or a normal chimney. Auto clean in kitchen chimney is a newly invented technology that is very convenient to use.

In this article, we are going to explain what an auto clean chimney is and its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, know how it differs from a normal chimney. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

What is Auto Clean Chimney? And How Does it Work?

An auto clean chimney is a device and its main purpose is to blow out smoke, grease, heat, and odors to keep the kitchen clean. As they effectively draw all the oil particles, they will not stick to kitchen walls and other appliances in your kitchen. The major advantage of an auto clean chimney, it doesn’t need human intervention for cleaning. As the name suggests, it cleans itself automatically with just a press of a button.

Auto clean technology makes use of centrifugal forces to suck oil particles stuck to the wall and the blower of a chimney. Generally, it uses heat for removing oil particles. When the user presses the auto clean button, because of centrifugal force, oil particles are forced to move towards the blower wall then get accumulated in an oil collector container.

This oil collector is detachable and washable. Depending on the usage, it should be washed at regular intervals using detergent. This auto clean feature in a chimney saves a lot of time with less or zero maintenance.

Advantages of Auto Clean Chimney

Low Maintenance

As auto clean chimney can clean itself automatically with a press of a button, it will not require user intervention. They are equipped with an oil collector tray so that oil particles get collected in it so you just have to clean the oil collector periodically.

Normal chimneys which are not equipped with auto clean technology require a lot of time and effort for cleaning and maintenance.

Higher Suction and Performance

As traditional kitchen chimneys lack an oil collector, oil particles stick to the blower resulting in clogging. The clog impacts heavily on the performance and functionality of the chimney. So chimneys without auto-clean feature will have lower suction power.

With auto clean chimney you don’t have to worry about clogging. As it can clean itself frequently, auto clean chimneys provide full suction power without losing suction power due to clogging.

Easier to Clean

With non-automatic chimneys, cleaning is a hassle. But with automatic chimney, this can be done with just a press of the ‘auto clean’ button.

Suitable for all kitchens

Chimney with auto clean feature is suitable for all types of kitchen. It can handle even heavy cooking that involves a lot of frying and grilling. Whether it is a medium or large kitchen, they can perform very well because of their high suction power.

But traditional chimneys without auto clean feature will get clogged easily with grease so they will need frequent cleaning.

Longer Lifespan

Because of high suction power, auto clean chimneys will not face any clogging problem due to grease and oil particles. As all the impurities get accumulated in a special oil collector tray, you should only do the recommended periodical cleaning. Since auto clean feature reduces the chance for clogging, it improves the performance and lifespan of the chimney.

Contrary to this, traditional chimneys without auto clean can get clogged often, they reduce both suction power and life span of the chimney.

Disadvantages of auto clean chimney

Despite the auto clean chimney has a lot of advantages, it has some disadvantages too.

Expensive than Non-auto Clean Chimney

Compared to traditional non-auto clean chimneys, auto clean chimneys are a little bit expensive. Despite being expensive up front, they are easy to maintain and reliable in the long run and save a lot of time and effort for maintaining and repairing the unit.

Difference between an auto clean chimney and a normal chimney

Auto clean Non-auto clean
Maintenance Low maintenance High. For efficient performance, it requires proper maintenance.
Suction Power High suction capacity Due to oil clog, the suction power gets slowed down.
Durability As they are clog-free they are durable and last long. Less durable
Price Expensive Less expensive


We believe that you have gone through this article of what is auto clean chimney and its advantages and disadvantages.

Auto clean is an advanced technology that helps in cleaning the chimney using heat which means you don’t have to put effort into cleaning the unit. It cleans itself with a press of the auto clean button.

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