Elica vs Faber Chimney – Comparison

Indian cooking involves a variety of spices and oils that creates smoke and aromas in your kitchen. If you’re an avid cook you must have experienced this smoke and grease all the time. The oily fumes will also leave a bad impression on the interior of the kitchen. A good chimney from a reliable brand can remove smoke and bad cooking smells and will keep your kitchen clean.

If you’re looking for a chimney for your kitchen, both Elica and Faber are reliable chimney brands in India. In this Elica vs Faber chimney guide, we’re going to compare the features, advantages, and disadvantages of both brands.

About Elica

Elica is an Italian brand and was founded in 1970. Introduced in India a few years back, Elica is one of the top kitchen chimney brands in India. Having a global presence in many countries, they have a manufacturing plant in Pune, Maharashtra.

The company is producing different models with different sizes which means Elica has the right chimney models for every Indian kitchen. Their silent chimney range is more popular in India. Elica offers different configurations of every style from wall-mounted, hanging mount, and ceiling mount chimneys.

About Faber

Faber is also an Italian brand that was established in 1955. The company has manufacturing plants in India and produces different kitchen appliances and has been a household name for many years. Apart from kitchen chimneys, they also manufacture water purifiers, dishwashers, and small appliances like air fryers and toasters. When it comes to kitchen chimneys, Faber is the global leader and offers nearly 50 different models in India. Some of the top Faber chimney models feature high-performing 6-way suction that can scoop out the smoke faster.

Elica vs Faber chimney: Size and Design

Like most other brands, Elica chimney comes in standard 60 and 90 cm sizes. The right size depends on the size of the hob and your kitchen. If you’re using a 2 to 4 burner stove then a 60 cm chimney is the right choice. If you’re using a 3-5 burner stove go with a 90 cm chimney. Speaking of design, Elica offers only limited designs.

Faber chimney is also available in standard 60 and 90 cm sizes. Boasting wonderful design aesthetics, Faber chimneys offer powerful chimneys to protect your kitchen from being inundated with greasy fumes. Faber offers more designs and models to choose from.


If we compare Elica vs Faber chimney in terms of features, both brands offer a variety of features.

Controls: When it comes to controls, both brands offer motion control options. You don’t want to wash off your sticky hands for turning them on and off, increasing and decreasing the speeds. Just wave your hands in front of it, they will respond accordingly. Apart from motion control, both brands offer easy-to-use touch control.

LED lighting: It is an excellent feature in kitchen chimneys to light up the cooking surface. Both brands’ kitchen chimneys feature two energy-efficient LED lights.

Auto-clean: A kitchen chimney with auto-clean technology comes with an oil collector to collect oil particles from the smoke while you’re cooking. They are more efficient than a manual clean chimney. Auto-celan chimneys come with advanced technology that uses centrifugal force to suck in fumes together with oil particles. Top chimneys from both brands come with this auto-clean feature.

Suction Power: Suction power is the capacity of the chimney. It is measured in cubic meter per hour m3/hr. The required suction power will depend upon the size of your kitchen. If you’re an avid cook and make deep-fried foods a lot then choose a chimney with high suction power.

Elica chimneys come with a maximum suction capacity of up to 1425 m3/hr while Faber chimneys come with a maximum suction capacity of up to 1500 m3/hr. Moreover, top Faber chimneys come with 3-way suction power. So if we compare Faber vs Elica chimney in terms of suction power, obviously Faber has chimney models with high suction power.

Elica vs Faber Chimney: Filtered and Filterless

A kitchen chimney filter is designed to filter greasy particles from the smoke. Elica produces both filtered and filterless chimneys. Most of the filtered chimney models come with baffle filters made of stainless steel. They are durable and reusable. Baffle filters are perfect for Indian cooking.

Faber also offers both baffle filter chimneys and filterless models. Faber provides lots of filterless chimney models. Filterless chimneys have many advantages. As they have no filters, it doesn’t require any maintenance and also they are operating quietly.


Most of the Elica and Faber kitchen chimney models have a noise level of 58 dB. Learn more here about noise levels here.

But Elica offers deep silent chimney models that come with soundproof EDS3 technology. It only makes minimal noise which is almost equal to zero. So, if noise is your deciding factor, then you can opt for these quiet chimney models.


When it comes to warranty, Faber and Elica provide 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor.

Top chimney models to consider from Elica and Faber

Elica vs Faber chimneyElica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney
Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Curved Glass Autoclean Chimney
Faber vs Elica kitchen chimney
Elica 60 cm 1425 m3/hr Baffle Filter Auto Clean Chimney
Faber 60 cm 1000Faber 60 cm 1000 m³/HR Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

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