Difference between 3-star and 5-star AC – Explained

Summer season is the season of heat and sweat and includes everything that irritates and makes us furious. Air conditioners are the saviors that come in use on such drastic days but buying ac is not an easy task.

To purchase an ac is not just a challenging task in terms of spending a hefty amount of money, but it also leaves some people confused. Most of us are not sure whether to go with which product just because of lack of knowledge and the people standing there especially to guide us make a fool out of us and give us something not worth spending this much amount.

Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss everything about the air conditioner. Continue reading to know more.

What is the star rating in AC?

Whenever we go to buy an AC, we come across ACs with different star ratings. The star rating system was given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), India. In this rating system, the appliances are rated from 1 to 5 based on their efficiency of the electrical appliances. The system is, the higher the number of stars, the more efficient it is.

While deciding these star ratings, two things are kept in mind:

  • How much cooling they provide inside the room (BTU)
  • How much power an AC uses to cool the room (EER)

For instance, an AC with 5-star ratings will cool your room more efficiently, and that too by consuming less electricity in comparison to an AC with 3-star ratings.

You can find the star rating sticker on the AC itself. As already said, it is provided by BEE India. The star rating is indicated by stars with red background. If all stars are colored with red background then that AC is a 5 star ac. If only three stars are colored then it is 3 star AC.

star rating of air conditioner

On the sticker, you can also find “More stars, More savings”. It clearly indicates what stars mean.

Difference between AC with 3 and 5-star ratings.

With every passing year due to the increasing global warming, Air Conditioners are becoming the need of the hour. When we inspect in the market about a variety of ACs, we come across different star ratings of the AC.

We have above discussed the star rating in ACs, and here we are going to talk about how 3 stars and 5-star ACs are different from each other.

Both 5 star and 3-star ACs will cool the room at the same time, but when it comes to the consumption of energy, an AC with a 3-star rating takes much more time than a 5 star AC.


Where an Energy Efficiency Ratio of a 5 star AC ranges from 3.3 and above, on the other hand, there is 3 star AC in which the Energy Efficiency Ration ranges from 2.9 – 3.09.

The energy efficiency of a 3 star AC is less than a 5 star AC, as the latter consumes less power. Many sites that promote saving energy and electricity like Bijli Bajao; after a survey came up with the figures that an AC with five stars cost approximately INR 500 per month, but 3 star AC costs higher than a 5 star AC. It costs around INR 580 per month.

Pros of buying a 5 star AC

Features offered in a 5 star AC are more advanced in comparison to 3 star AC.

Total Cost Ownership (TCO) of a 5 star AC is less than what it costs you while buying a 3 star AC at the initial price. To be precise, TCO is the sum of the cost that a consumer needs to pay for purchasing the installation, maintenance cost, and equipment.

5 star AC with the same ton or capacity as 3 stars AC cools the room or an area in very less time and consumes the minimum energy possible.

Generate less heat than low rated AC models.

Using 5 star AC in comparison to a 3 star AC will bring you fewer electricity bills.

5 Star AC is suitable for 24/7 use around the year.

The AC works efficiently to dissipate heat radiated by electronic gadgets and electrical appliances available in our homes.

Good ISEER ratio for a long time – If you buy a 5 star AC today, then it will have an ISEER ratio up to 4.5 and more which will not let the Air Conditioner’s quality degrade. Therefore, the quality of AC will remain the same for a long time and might degrade to the level of 3-star after 4 – 5 years.

If you’re looking to buy the best 5 star AC, here are the top models available on Amazon India.

Cons of buying a 5 star AC

Differentiation in the bill amount might be in few numbers which might not be a big deal for some people.

It is not recommended to buy this AC for the areas where the temperature outside the house and the inside the home are almost the same.

Advantages of buying a 3 star AC

Priority for seasonal use!

Initial ownership costs less

If you have to use AC for almost 8 hours a day then a 3 star AC can make a good purchase.

If you want to save money and want AC for occasional cooling then 3 star AC is what you are looking for.

The best 3 star ACs available on Amazon India.

Disadvantages of buying a 3 star AC

After the next 4 to 5 years, a 3 star AC will start working as a 1 star AC.

For long term use, it charges more operational cost.

In comparison to 5 star AC, power consumption is more.


Just like other home appliances, Air Conditioners have now become one of the most needed devices at home. With the requirement and needs of consumers today, many brands have come to light with numerous benefits for the consumers.

There are many additional features offered by different companies and brands under 5-star and 3-star AC; like, inverter ACs these days have made an important place for themselves in the market and people’s homes. These inverter ACs are designed in such a way that they consume significantly less power, and your electricity bill is least affected.

With the passing time, AC has now developed into something which can be your air purifier, humid controller, mosquito repellent, and more. You can buy different models that satisfy your needs and provide you with comfort.

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