How to Clean and Maintain a Washing Machine?

Is your washing machine gives out a foul musty odor?

Well, do you remember the last time you’ve thoroughly cleaned your washing machine? If no, your machine is in dire need of cleaning.

Undoubtedly, washing machines have made our life easier, and now we are dependent on them. From our regular cozy attire to big curtains and bedsheets, we want it to wash everything properly. Our washing machines have made it easier for us to keep our essentials clean and hygienic by performing all these tasks.

So don’t you think that we should make it our duty to keep washing machines clean and tidy as well? It will keep it clean all the time and help you work with it conveniently for a long time.

Cleaning and maintaining the washing machine will let it last for years and save lots of your money. So, if you want to retain your washing machine for long, you must go through the tips and tricks discussed below and follow them correctly.

1. Deep Cleaning:

Your washing machine will not always give you its best all the time; its parts will be influenced due to some elements after a specific limit. You must have noticed that your clothes do not come out with that shine in which they used to get cleaned when the machine was new. It is because of the residuals present in the water.

Using the self-clean cycle of your washer is not enough. You are required to clean your washing machine more deeply in such cases. Many devices may clean the scales of such residuals properly without harming any part or body of the washing machine.

washing machine drum

2. Take Care of Rubber Gasket:

A rubber gasket is one of your washing machine’s essential parts as it protects your clothes and hands from any type of damage. But the gasket may get damaged due to dirt particles that may enter the gasket during washing. Moreover, the dust may also set on the sides and the edges of the machine and gasket.

Besides, detergent and other materials used in washing can also leave some residuals to the gasket. As it is outside the tub, it gets more dust and dirt, but most of us ignore it totally and be unbothered. It can deeply harm your washing machine. So, it is necessary for you to deep clean the rubber gasket once a week properly.

3. Clean the Outer Body of Machine:

All of us must not have noticed the outer body of our washing machine. But it can be constructive in enhancing the beauty of our house as well. We forget that like other machines and pieces of equipment at our home, washing machines also need to be taken care of. It will not only enhance the look and appearance but will also help it in working efficiently.

This trick is straightforward of keeping it clean and tidy. You may clean the sides and top of the machine with the help of a cleaner that may not harm its polish and finish. If you want to save your washing machine from scratches, you must always cover it up when not in use and never put any big or heavy object on it.

4. Protect it from Spillage:

We all must be using the best detergent and softeners from the market to wash our clothes. But the residues can also be harmful to the machine. These residues become so sticky after some time and start releasing an awful smell out of it.

You may clean it with the help of a gentle dishwasher. It would also be best if you cleaned the machine’s drum from inside using a slightly wet cloth. It will clean it thoroughly inside the machine.

5. Do not close it immediately:

After using the washing machine, we close the door immediately after using the washing machine. When we close the door immediately after use, it leaves the moisture inside, which gives rise to fungus and bacteria inside the machine.

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We must leave the door open for a while so that the tub may get adequately dried and do not harm the machine’s vulnerable parts. You may also dry it using a thick towel after 15 to 20 minutes of use and ensure that the moisture is completely removed from the device.

6. Clean Detergents from the tubs:

Those who have automatic washing machines in their homes must have never taken care of their detergent containers. As the automatic machines have different boxes for detergents and softeners, it automatically mixes everything in the water and put it into the tub.

These containers need to be cleaned individually to not give rise to other bacteria and concentrated solutions of detergents. These toxic elements may even give rise to the fungus in the tub and affect your machine’s cleaning quality. It may also harm other parts of the device, so it is necessary to properly clean these containers.

7. Select the best detergent:

According to your requirements for washing and budget, you may select the detergent. Some of us must be using particular detergent according to the washing machine, and some must be using regular ones. Some detergents may contain heavy alkaline in it or must be too harsh for our clothes.

So, before you select your detergent, you must make sure that the detergent or softener you are using is mild and healthy for our clothes. The alkaline detergent powder may damage many parts of the machine. It is strictly recommended that you should select the best detergent for your device and clothes.

Final Words:

We expect that now after you have gone through the best tips and tricks to clean and maintain your washing machine’s long life, you have understood how you can easily keep the machine new.

Keeping it clean and tidy will always help your machine stay good and function well and keep your clothes away from different bacteria and toxic agents.

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