How to Clean and Maintain Microwave Oven?

Microwaves have become a crucial part of our kitchens these days. Not only can you reheat the food, but also cook some delicious meals in a microwave. Microwaves have made our life simple, and one can complete the tasks within a short period.

But electrical appliances need good care and maintenance if you want them to work properly. It is necessary to consider the value of things that are taking care of your comfort. Similarly, it is essential to maintain cleanliness for better performance in the microwave case and keep it safe from damage. The way you take care of your microwave oven will affect its life.

But you are not required to worry about it. If you want to learn the steps to take good care of your microwave, you are in the right place. Here you will get the most effective ways by 2which you can easily maintain your appliance with better performance and long-lasting ability.

1. Keep it Clean and Tidy:

The most efficient way to keep your microwave oven working is to keep it clean always. Food and liquid we reheat can absorb energy easily and can cause burn spots, and it can also be dangerous for the parts of the microwave. Most of the liquids and food items spots can be cleaned using soap and warm water.

To remove some sticky food spots, you warm up a cup of water for approximately 90 seconds. Water vapors or steam may help to loosen the dirt. Many appliances like oven cover, paper towels, or wax paper are available in the market. These things can be used to prevent the microwave from getting in contact with dirt.

2. Select Microwave Safe Utensils Only:

Microwave oven safe utensil

Many of us have not considered the importance of microwave-safe dishware until now. But the materials that are not safe for microwave can be harmful and cause fire or explosion. Usually, you can use ceramic, glass, and plastic items safely to use in a microwave oven. Also, you must check the microwave-safe label on the utensils you are going to buy.

Moreover, a microwave test can also be taken to find out which dishware is safe for microwaves. For this, you need to heat water in two utensils, one with which you need to do a test and a microwave-safe cup. Heat the water for a minute, and if the dishware is too hot at last, it has absorbed most of the energy and is not safe to use in a microwave oven.

3. Keep Door Safe from Damage:

Doors are the most delicate part of microwaves. At the same time door is the only thing in the microwave that is abused the most. For example, pushing it with an elbow, slamming a microwave door, or pulling it without turning the microwave off. These activities, due to any reason, can bring damage to the microwave quickly.

Handles of the microwave’s doors are more complicated than you anticipate. At the maximum point, a handle may have three switches of mechanism. These switches can be harmed if not closed correctly. The opened door of the microwave will blow a fuse off and pull when it is in running position.

4. Try Not to Keep it On when it is Empty:

It can cause severe harm to the microwave if it runs with nothing inside it. The components of the microwave itself will absorb the energy at that time when it is running. Parts of the microwave oven are not meant to absorb the heat, and repair or replacement can be very costly.

If you want to work with a microwave on time, you must use it according to its functionality. Such different timer functions will let it count the time without using releasing energy.

5. Utilize Preprogrammed Cooking Times:

It is sporadic when people use the programmed cooking settings of time in their microwave while using it. These time settings are developed to make organized use of a microwave. It lowers down the loss of energy and heats the food properly.

Using these advanced functions of microwave ovens, you can keep your food good, help your microwave be safe from different issues that may damage its power.

6. Understand the Importance of Weight Limits:

The appliances that are safe to use in the microwave also weigh below the capacity as restricted. So, it is not essential to worry about the weight of the utensil used in it. If you are using a microwave for cooking or heating fatty food in heavy dishware, you must check its weight before using it. Commonly, the weight limitation of the unit is printed on the door.

Also, you may check its capacity through online sites or the official site of the owner. If used, the heavyweight elements can cause serious harm to its motor and give a damaged unit out. This damage will process out the food which is not cooked or heat up properly.

7. Call for Help at the time of Requirement:

Each type of oven and microwave has different and complicated electrical systems in it. Also, they may acquire a considerable amount of power in it. You need to know such minor things about your microwave oven accurately. The electrical circuit of your unit can intake more energy even after it is turned off.

Therefore, you must make sure that you should not repair any electrical part of your microwave on your own. It may also cause any other damage to the position and probably severe harm to you. In this case, you are required to call up any professional to figure out the issue and see if it can be repaired.


We hope the above tricks of maintaining and cleaning your microwave oven will help you and betterment of your kitchen. You are just required to maintain these habits in regularity, enhancing your microwave life longer.

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