Elica vs Faber Chimney – Comparison

Elica vs Faber Chimney

Indian cooking involves a variety of spices and oils that creates smoke and aromas in your kitchen. If you’re an avid cook you must have experienced this smoke and grease all the time. The oily fumes will also leave a bad impression on the interior of the kitchen. A good … Read more

Best Angular Kitchen Chimney in India 2022

Best angular kitchen chimney in India

Kitchen chimney is an integral part of modern Indian kitchen. They are great appliances that can remove dirt and grease to keep the kitchen clean. Indian cooking involves using a lot of spices, oils, so there is more chance for oil splatters and spicy aromas. It is a good idea … Read more

Best Electric Rice Cooker in India (2022) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Electric Rice cooker in India

Who doesn’t want to cook everything quickly? In this regard, the best electric rice cooker in India is highly sought-after by busy parents and bachelors. No doubt, the market is full of rice cookers powered with multi-menu cooking functionalities and smart power-saving methods to serve your purpose. But are they … Read more

How to Clean and Maintain Microwave Oven?

How to clean microwave oven

Microwaves have become a crucial part of our kitchens these days. Not only can you reheat the food, but also cook some delicious meals in a microwave. Microwaves have made our life simple, and one can complete the tasks within a short period. But electrical appliances need good care and … Read more

Best Wet Grinder in India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Wet Grinder in India

Wet grinders form a very important part of our Indian households. If you are from south India, then you probably cannot go a day without a wet grinder. In this day and age where we all are leading extremely busy lives, the best wet grinder in India can save us … Read more