Best Water Purifier with Hot and Cold Water in India

A water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser will enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether you need five degrees celsius cold water or ninety degrees Celsius boiling water, the best water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser can meet your demands almost instantly. You can rest assured of its efficacy when your guests need it for cocktails, cold coffee or tea, just at a touch of a button.

There are plenty of reasons why you must go with a hot and cold water purifier. First of all, it gives you a true RO filtration. Second, it protects your water inside a stainless steel tank. Third, it offers you without impure water mixing. Fourth, it comes with a super sediment filter to chunk out even the finest impurities to keep you and your family safe from various water-borne diseases.

However, when it comes to buying the best hot and cold water purifier in India, the market is full of options- most of them have some unique features to stand out from the crowd. In this regard, it can be confusing for a first-time buyer to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why to do your job easy, we did our research and have come up with the five hot and cold best water purifiers in India.

Water purifier with hot and coldAO Smith Z9 Hot+ normal RO 10 L Wall mount Water Purifier for home
Blue Star Stella - water purifier with hot and coldBlue Star Stella ST4BSHC01 8.2-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
LG WHD71RB4RPLG WHD71RB4RP Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
Bepure 4GBepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier 9L RO+UV+UF+TDS Purification
CUCKOO CP-FR601HWCUCKOO Fusion Top RO Alkaline Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier With Hot And Cold Water Dispenser – Reviews

1. AO Smith Z8 Green

Water purifier with hot and cold

With a 10 litres capacity, the AO Smith Z1 is India’s first Ultraviolet water purifier. This water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser comes with a Night assist glow effect that can guide you in the kitchen at night. The stylish design and the advanced alert system make it a convenient yet aesthetic addition to your home.

The advance alert lets the user know immediately if certain filters or the RO membrane needs replacement. You get hot or cold water at a press of a button with temperature adjustments between 5◦C to 45◦C. A power of 36 watts and input voltage of 150- 300V AC ensures quicker performance and better efficiency.

At a pressure rating of 5 psi to 30 psi, it is suitable for most homes in both rural and urban areas. Even with municipal water sources or water having less than 200 TDS, it will function flawlessly. The non-chemical disinfectant technology of the advanced UV Lamp (Ultra Violet Lamp) gives you the best quality water with added minerals as well.

If you’re looking to buy the best hot and cold water purifier in India, AO Smith Z1 is an ideal option.


  • Both hot and cold water option
  • Low power consumption
  • Faster installation and low maintenance
  • Reliable 5- stage filtration
  • Big size capacity of 10 litres.

  • Hot water available only when the tank is full
  • Not for hard water treatment

2. Blue Star Stella

Blue Star Stella - water purifier with hot and cold

Blue Star Stella comes with a double layer RO + UV protection that gives hot, cold, and pure ambient water. Drink the safest water possible without any compromise as the RO removes dissolved impurities, suspended particles, and ions. UV eliminates microorganisms like cysts, bacteria, and viruses.

You can get water at as low as 5 degrees C and as hot as 85 degrees C anytime you want. Touch sensors of this water purifier with hot and cold dispenser allow easy and quick selection of options increasing user-friendliness. The superfine sediment filter (5- micron sediment filter) removes even the finest of dust, sand, and debris. Ultra-high TDS removal ensures maximum purity by removing dissolved impurities as well.

By replacing the manual tap, you get the convenient operation of an electronic dispensing button. The huge tank capacity of 8.2 litres provides 3.4 litres of cold water and 4.2 litres of room temperature water. It is more than enough for a single person’s drinking and cooking needs in a day.

With a purification capacity of up to ten litres per hour, this hot and cold water purifier for home provides maximum efficiency along with quicker performance. The use of food-grade plastic maintenance is low, and durability is high. As it comes with a lot of features like touch sensors, child lock function, Blue Star Stella is one of the best hot and cold water purifiers in India.


  • Auto-clean function
  • Child lock function
  • Touch sensors
  • Water level indicator
  • High purification capacity upto 10lts/hr

  • Expensive
  • Can’t function without electricity



The premium finish UV resistance ABS along with 7.2 litres, makes the LG WHD71RB4RP a stylish addition to your kitchen. Its smart lighting feature and digital sterilizing care allow minimum maintenance and cleaning needs.

The sleek design will become an elegant addition to your kitchen arsenal. The true RO filtration technology ensures you get safe and pure water to use for yourself and your family. The stainless steel tank prevents rust and any unwanted build-up inside the water container. Stored water remains safe to use for days.

Users get both hot and cold water from 5 degrees Celsius cold to 90 degrees hot water. Make use of instant cold or hot water for coffee, smoothies, cocktails, etc., when alone or with guests. Multi-stage reverse osmosis kills any harmful microorganisms and removes suspended impurities.

The water is even safe for babies to use. It is that pure. With a filter change indicator, you will be notified on schedule, so you don’t compromise on safe drinking water—no need to set reminders or drink contaminated water anymore.


  • Free installation with this model
  • Value for money and budget-friendly
  • The storage tank is stainless steel
  • Smart lighting feature
  • True RO filtration

  • It’s dependent on electricity
  • No UV purification

4. Bepure 4G

Bepure 4G

Eliminate the hustle of getting cold or hot water for making beverages or drinking with Bepure Normal 9 litres capacity water purifier. Dispensing at a capacity of 2 litres per minute, you can adjust temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius for hot water.

The waiting time for cold water is more at a flow rate of 1.5 litres per hour with a minimum temperature of 15 to 20 degrees. Smart LED display screen monitors the maintenance and operations of the purifier. Mineral technology, along with the TDS controller, gives an 8 stage ultra- purification.

Eliminate the risk of any suspended or dissolved impurities with this water purifier for not just pure but healthy water. Post carbon and the in-tank UV lamp kills any harmful microorganisms in the water, enhancing and refining its quality. Ultrafiltration membrane removes any colloidal particles and materials harmful to the health.

Filter Replacements are easy and take only a few minutes. The storage capacity of the water tank is excellent at 7 litres. Both cold and hot water storage tanks are 1 litre each.


  • Auto-clean function
  • Separate hot water faucet
  • Electronic dispensing button
  • Stainless steel Storage tank
  • UV treatment

  • Absence of alters for filter changes
  • No controls for turning off the cold or hot water



Cuckoo RO filter removes heavy metals, ionic substances, bacteria, viruses, and harmful microorganisms. Water flow is at 1500cc/min for cold water and 950cc/min for hot water. Installation is easy and recommended under TDS 2000 for supply water.

Enhanced cleanliness with a stainless steel tank that keeps stored water safe and healthy for longer. The water tank gets filled every half an hour, so at any time, there is at least 5.2lt of water in the tank. Drink freshwater anytime you want as the water gets constantly refilled. Prepare to get a naturally fresh and distinctive delicious taste due to the coconut-based natural carbon filter.

This natural filter provides minerals to water as well as removes harmful substances. Digital sterilization utilizes hydrogen, chlorine, and natural oxygen components to disinfect faucets, tanks, and every single water pathway.

The filter tubing and filters are both made from durable and high-resistance materials. Another best feature of this water purifier with hot and cold water is its low energy consumption. Pure drinkable water will always be available even if you don’t have a power supply at home.


  • Washable and detachable faucet
  • Easy cleaning with removable water tray
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Child lock function
  • Normal, hot and cold water dispenser

  • No UV purification
  • No alerts for filter changes


A Guide for Buying the Best Hot and Cold Water Purifier in India

Let’s analyze different factors that will impact your decision while selecting the best hot and cold water purifier in India.

Types of Water Purifier

Based on the functions, there are three types of water purifiers in the market-

1. Gravity water purifier

  •  Portable and non-electric
  • Uses pressure filtration

2. Ro water purifier

  • Reduces hardness of water
  • Effective and fast

3. UV water purifier

  • Fast and uses ultraviolet rays for operation
  • Does not remove sterilized microorganisms and dissolved impurities

Source of your in-home Water

In most places of the country, water reaches homes via three main sources-

Municipal Water

Municipal sources come from rivers, lakes etc., to reach our home. The TDS of this water type is between 1- 200 ppm.


It will have a TDS between 200 to 2000 ppm. The water source is from a bore well or tube well.

Multiple Sources

If the water supplied to your home is from multiple sources, then the TDS will vary every day. The sources can be a tanker, tube well or municipal.

Storage Tank Capacity

Each member of the family can consume anywhere between two to four litres of water every day. According to your requirement, the kind of water supply and the type of water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser you choose decides on the tank capacity. For a family of two, a tank capacity of 4-5 litres is sufficient, and for a family of three to four people, a tank capacity of 6- 8 litres is enough.

A large family of five to eight people might need a tank capacity of 10 litres and above. However, the bigger the capacity more will be the price and the bulkier the design. If you have the budget and space at home, then go for the largest size when your needs demand it.

Bestsellers available

Always check a trusted site like Amazon for the best hot and cold water purifier in India. They will have authentic products from a large variety of brands and budgets. See their best sellers and decide on the features that will suit your needs. The best sellers on these sites will be some of the better products you can find in the market.

Most reviewed water purifiers

One of the best ways to judge the efficiency and performance of the product is to read the reviews. First, select the hot and cold water purifier for home with the maximum number of reviews. It will signify that the product has been frequently bought and customers have used it for a couple of days before giving their reviews. Lastly, choose the best hot and cold water purifier in India with mostly positive reviews. Negative reviews are obvious even on the best sellers, but they will let you know what issues you might encounter in the future and whether the pros supersede the cons or not.

Mind the budget

A water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser can be very expensive. They will probably be one of your biggest investments in home appliances, but they are completely worth it. No price is smaller than your safety and health, after all. Choose the storage capacity and features that are appropriate for your family. Don’t fall prey to media hype and false advertisement. There is no point in getting a product whose distinctive features are of no use, but you have to pay extra for it. Also, remember, larger capacity and complicated features means a more hefty price tag.

Types of filter technology

The dispenser units filter out the water. The heavy undissolved particles and the solute get arrested in this unit to pass through clean water. Based on your water supply, the quality of water you want to treat, and issues you had with your previous purifier, choose one of the following filtering technology

  • Pre- Sediment filter
  • Ultraviolet protection
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Reverse osmosis membrane

Purification stage

You need a properly functioning purification system in your purifier. This will ensure the water quality is at the optimal stage of consumption. It should be present before the dispenser unit and make sure that the water is free of any health deteriorating particles or microorganisms.

TDS level of the water

There is always a level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in the dispensed water. The ideal range of TDS levels for drinking water is from 80 to 150. If the TDS level of the water is more than ideal, then check the TDS level of your purifier. You can always get your area’s TDS level reports from the municipality office, check it on the internet or your area’s website, or get it tested in some lab.

Storage tank and its building material

Ensure that the storage tank and the tank of the hot and cold water purifier for home are made up of rust-free material. They shouldn’t be releasing any harmful substances into the water as well. A well-made storage tank won’t be a breeding ground for moulds or other microbes. You wouldn’t be worrying about cleaning the tank every other day if it’s made up of high-quality material. Better quality means it will be long lasting as well.

Maintenance and warranty costs

The warranty period will vary based on the model and brand you are investing in. Choose the higher side of the warranty on your water purifier with hot and cold water dispenser. Always check the servicing and maintenance costs with the seller before buying the purifier. Know your options regarding which can be replaced or repaired for free within the warranty period.

Basic features

Check out some of the product’s key features that set them apart from other products in the same range. Every dispenser you go through at least should have the basic features you are looking for. Ask the seller about features like hot water safety switches and whether the device has different faucets for hot and cold water. Some models even come with a temperature adjustment button. These features might look trivial at first, but they can upgrade the usability and convenience of the purifier manyfold.


We hope that our suggestions will help you find the best hot and cold water purifier in India without wasting much time and energy. However, this list is subjective and may or may not be applicable to you in case you need it for an office or big application. If you want us to suggest the best water purifiers for corporate applications, make a comment below.

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