Best Water Geyser: Top 10 Best Geysers (Water Heaters) in India

A water geyser is necessary if you need to have hot water during the winter for a comfortable bath or for washing the utensils. With the best water geyser, you can always get hot water at your disposal.

The water geyser is far better than the conventional heating rods or the gas stove that is often used for heating water. It offers a quick solution, and you do not need to wait a lot for the water to get warm. The geysers are now very common in the Indian market. Most households now prefer to have the best water geyser.

But buying the best water geyser in India is not an easy task as there are so many options. You need to choose the right model that is suitable to fulfill your requirement and also comes within your budget. You can choose a storage water geyser or even an instant water geyser as per your preference.

The storage water geysers are great for big families as they can store the hot water and you can use the water later, On the other hand, instant geysers offer hot water instantly, but they do not have enough space to store the water. Moreover, the geysers with water storage often take more space.

Top 6 water heaters of 2022:-

AO Smith 15-Litre Vertical Water HeaterAO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater
Havells Monza EC 25-Litre Storage Water HeaterHavells Monza EC 5S 25 Litre Storage Water Heater
Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water HeaterBajaj New Shakti GL 25-L Water Heater
AO Smith Storage 15 Litre Horizontal Water HeaterAO Smith HAS-X1-015 Horizontal Water Heater with storage
V-Guard Victo 15 litres Water GeyserV–Guard Victo 15 Litre Water Geyser
Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water HeaterCrompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant water heater

Before purchasing the best water geyser, you have to check the following matters.

  • The capacity- In general, a water geyser comes with a storage of a minimum of 6 liters to a maximum of 35 liters. If you intend to use the geyser for washing utensils or hands or other works inside the kitchen, six-liter storage is enough. But for bathing purposes, at least 15-liter storage is recommended. If you do not want to buy a geyser with storage, an instant geyser can also be a great choice.
  • The material of the water tank- Well, the material of the water tank also matters a lot. In general, stainless steel or copper tanks are available. The tanks come with a coating of anti-corrosive agents to prevent damage.
  • Wattage- You need to buy the best water geyser that comes within the range of 1500 to 3000 wattage.

If you are planning to buy the best water geyser for your kitchen or bathroom, this is the perfect guide for you. This article offers you reviews of the top ten geysers available in India and also a detailed buying guide. You can read this article until the end to gather information and decide on the best possible model.

Best Water Geyser – Reviews

1. AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater

The AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 Vertical Water Heater is an impressive and energy-efficient storage water geyser. It comes with the 5-star BEE that ensures its premium performance quality and productivity and also its energy-saving nature. The water heater is best appropriate for Indian cities and places where the municipality or the authority supplies hard water.

AO Smith 15-Litre Vertical Water Heater

Its creative Blue Diamond Glass Line innovation makes the internal tank robust and resistant to hard corrosive agents. The anode pole with a tempered steel center increases the lifespan of the water tank by shielding it from erosion caused by hard water. It also has a patented glass protective cover that prevents calcium build-up inside the tank and increases its efficiency.

The AO Smith water heater comes with a stylish design and has a temperature control knob on its front panel. You can change the temperature (25-75℃) to arrive at any preferred temperature with the knob. This best water geyser also has an auto cut-off feature that automatically cuts off the power as soon as the water reaches the highest pre-set temperature. Moreover, it has a safety valve that keeps the water pressure in control by releasing water when needed.

The heat-retaining power of this AO Smith machine is wonderful as the water retains its temperature for nearly 12 hours after it is heated. The machine is compact and comes with many beneficial features. If you want to buy the best water geyser in India 2021 this AO Smith HSE-SDS-15 is the best option.


  • Seven-year warranty on the water tank
  • Four years extended warranty on the glass coated heating element.
  • Customizable temperature range with a 15-litre storagecapacity
  • Does not make a lot of noise
  • BEE 5-star rating

  • There is no installation assistance.

2. Havells Monza EC 5S 25 Litre Storage Water Heater

This Havells EC 5S, with its storage capacity of 25 liters, is ideal for big Indian families. Its inner tank is made of super thick rolled steel plates that give sound protection from corrosion and corrosive agents. The Fero-glass technology with a single weld design makes it one of the most durable water heaters on this list.

Havells Monza EC 25-Litre - best geyser in India

This geyser comes with a pressure bar of 8 Bars. So, it is the best water geyser for the families which live in high-rise buildings. The hard-core anode rod prevents corrosive agents from harming the inner tank. Moreover, the Incoloy heating element provides protection from both carbonization and oxidation that occurs at high temperatures.

It has a flexible switch to change the temperature according to requirements. You can change its temperature settings between 25 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius. Moreover, it comes with an earth leakage circuit breaker or ELCB and water tubes with whirl flow technology to offer fast disposal of hot water. The high-density PUF insulation saves energy in the long run.

The auto cut-off switch also cuts off the power supply as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature to prevent overheating. If you’re looking for a durable water geyser, this Havells EC 5S is an ideal option.


  • Free installation
  • BEE star rating
  • PUF installation
  • Extra thick steel inner tank
  • Auto cut-off mechanism and temperature control knob

  • It is a bit expensive.
  • The model may not be available always.

3. Bajaj New Shakti GL 25-L Water Heater

This made-in-India geyser from Bajaj comes with many beneficial features to handle the hardness of city water. The 25-liter inner tank works effectively and always saves energy making it a great model.Bajaj Shakti comes with an inner tank with a glass lining. The lining prevents limescale build-up and corrosion. It also has a magnesium coated anode rod which prevents both water spillage and tank corrosion

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 25 Litre

Moreover, it has an Incoloy heating element to ensure that the product lasts for a long time even after regular usage. It has a high water pressure of 8 bars and can easily work even in high-rise multi-story buildings. Bajaj Shakti is one of the safest water heaters on this list. It comes with multiple safety features. The cables are fire resistant and do not get damaged easily.

It has an impressive BEE 4-star rating to ensure energy saving. The PUF insulation ensures that the tank perfectly captures the heat and retains heat for a long time even if there is no power supply.

This best water geyser offers many features within a medium budget range. It requires less maintenance and also prevents rust from damaging the outer body. If you need a stylish and effective water heater, choose this model from Bajaj.


  • 4-star BEE rating
  • Two years warranty on product and a five-years on the inner tank.
  • The PUF insulation retains heat for a long time.
  • Offers hot water quickly
  • Has a large storage tank
  • Great for high rise buildings

  • The installation kit needs to be purchased separately

4. AO Smith HAS-X1-015 Horizontal Water Heater with storage

The list of best geysers in India is not complete without mentioning a horizontal geyser. So, AO Smith HAS-X1-015 occupies the fourth position in this list. It is a horizontal water heater within a medium budget range. You can find the model with two types of capacities- 15 liters or 25 liters.

AO Smith Storage 15 Litre Horizontal

The inner part has the patented blue diamond glass lining from AO Smith to ensure it can resist corrosion in a better way. The lining is 2x corrosion-resistant and protects the tank from any kind of harm. Moreover, its outer metal body is also rustproof and looks classy. The model also has glass-coated heating elements which prevent limescale formation inside the tank. The heating element is also robust and lasts for a long time.

This horizontal water geyser from AO Smith comes with a BEE 4-Star rating to ensure a high energy-saving power. The PUF technology also aids in power saving and cutting down your monthly electricity bill.

Moreover, the auto cut-off function and safety valve mechanism prevents the heater from getting overheated and also protects it from damage caused by heat.


  • 25-litre storage capacity
  • PUF insulation technology
  • BEE 4-Star rating
  • Auto cut-off function
  • Seven yearswarranty of inner tank, 2+2 years warranty of glass coated heating element and two years comprehensive warranty

  • Often makes noise while working

5. American MicronicAMI WM3 25-lite Water Heater

American MicronicAMI WM3 water heater is sturdy, dependable, and proficient. It comes with many features and designs that are ideal for the Indian climate and also fulfill the customized needs of Indian families. Its numerous security frameworks allow it to deal with the unique Indian climate. So it deserves a place in the list of the best water geysers in India.

American Micronic- 25 Litre best water geyser

The water heater comes with multi-level security to ensure you can use it every day without any problem. It can prevent dry heating or overheating and also handles immense water pressure without any problem. The model has an impressive 5-star BEE rating. So, it will surely cut down your electricity bill even after extensive usage.

The interior tank of AMI WHM3 has a titanium–enamel glass coating. The glass coating protects the tank from hard corrosive salts. Moreover, the 2m thick steel inner tank is able to handle high water pressure like 8 bars efficiently. It also has a 42mm PUF insulation to decrease the overall energy consumption.

The geyser has anode rods with magnesium coating, which prevents accidental leakage and metal corrosion. This best water geyser also comes with a three-pin fire-retardant cable that allows safe operation without any hazard. The auto-shutoff feature and thermostat ensure that there is no overheating.


  • Easy to install and maintenance-friendly
  • Great safety features
  • Offers power and temperature customization
  • Can retain heat for nearly 24 hours
  • BEE 5-star rating

  • Takes more time to heat the water

6. V–Guard Victo 15 Litre Water Geyser

V-Guard is one of the top companies that offers premium home appliances within a reasonable amount. Their electronic appliances are popular among the Indian consumer base. The Victo water geyser from V-Guard is a perfect fit for almost every home. It has a high-performance rating and offers great service throughout its lifespan. The water geyser comes with a 15-liter storage tank, which is enough for a medium to a large Indian family.

V-Guard Victo 15 litres

V-Guard Victo water geyser has four different layers of security mechanism to ensure it is completely safe. It has an advanced thermostat and a thermal cut-off feature which makes sure the temperature is always in the appropriate range. Moreover, the auto cut-off feature also prevents overheating and energy wastage.

The 2000-watt geyser comes with a BEE 5-star rating. It has a premium stainless-steel outer body that has an anti-corrosive powder coating. The coating ensures there is mop rust in the outer body and it lasts longer. Additionally, the inner tank is made with thick steel and comes with single-line welded premium glass coating technology. Additionally, the tank has PUF insulation which can hold the heat for a long time and minimizes energy consumption.

It weighs nearly 10 kgs and is ideal for mounting on the wall. The geyser requires less maintenance and can withstand the damages caused by hard water. You can trust this model for your needs without any hesitation. It can be the best water geyser if you have a small family.


  • Comes with BEE 5-star rating
  • Two years warranty
  • Comes with the accessory kit for installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lasts longer

  • It may not be able to withstand high pressure

7. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant water heater

Buying the best water geyser does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. The Crompton Bliss 3-litre Instant water heater is one of the most budget-friendly models in the market. This water heater comes within a very reasonable budget and also offers great performance. It comes with a stainless-steel welded tank. Also, it can resist the corrosive properties of hot water and also has a rust-free ABS body.

Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant

Crompton Bliss instant water heater is great for any modern high-rise apartment as it has 6.5 bar pressure and is also ideal for vertical spaces. The geyser comes with modern four-level safety and a multifunctional safety valve.

Additionally, it has advanced copper element heating with LED indicators to alert you about the geyser functionality. Crompton Bliss offers hot water in an instant and is also great for those who are always on the go. If you have a small family, it is a good choice.

This instant water heater has a power of 3000 watts and a capacity of 3 liters. If you do not want to go for an advanced water geyser or want to stay within the budget, you can buy it without any hesitation.


  • Two years warranty
  • Stylish look
  • Offers hot water in an instant
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Easy installation

  • Does not come with an installation kit
  • No storage capacity

8. Usha Misty 25-Litre Water Heater

Usha, the popular Indian home appliance company, offers a great model for budget-friendly buyers. Their Misty is one of the best water geysers that you can buy within a decent price range. It offers all the premium features while being light on your pocket. And, as it comes from Usha, performance is assured. This model is well known for its safety features and efficient service.

Usha Misty 25-litres Storage

It comes in a simple cylindrical shape with some designs – simple yet classic. USHA water heaters have multiple safety features to ensure that you are safe while using them. The inner tank of stainless steel has a sapphire powder coating and glass lining. Moreover, the magnesium coated anode rod also prevents corrosive agents from damaging the water tank. It also has premium Polyurethane foam insulation to retain the heat for a long time.

It comes with an Incoloy 800 heating element with an enamel coating. Hence, you get hot water within a few minutes.
The inner tank comes with a single weld lining which effectively prevents leakage. Moreover, its high-pressure mechanism makes it a great choice for families who live in multi-story apartments.

It has IPX4 which protects the electric circuit from water splash and leakages. Moreover, the highly precise thermostat controls the temperature effectively and also shuts off the power when needed.

This best water heater has a safety valve that prevents the backflow of the water. If you’re looking for the best geyser in India and want to stay under budget, USHA Misty is the reliable water heater.


  • Multi-level safety mechanism with a five-star rating
  • Two years warranty on product and seven years warranty on tank
  • Offers hot water quickly
  • Can retain heat for a long time.

  • The installation service is not satisfactory
  • The low-temperature mode is not that great

9. Racold Eterno 2 15-Litre Water Heater

Racold Eterno 2 Storage 15 Liter Vertical

Racold Eterno is a great model from a notable home appliance manufacturer. Their extremely beautiful water heater with a 15-liter storage capacity is great for any home. Record claims that this particular model can save nearly 40% of the total energy consumption, so you get piping hot water without worrying about the electricity bill.

The model comes with a highly effective polymer coating to prevent any kind of deposits inside the tank. It also prevents corrosion and damages. Eterno from Racold comes with everything you need in a water heater.


  • Consumes less electricity and is energy efficient
  • Great warranty facilities
  • Excellent performance
  • Offers hot water within seven to eight minutes
  • Has thermostat and auto-cut off facility
  • Can retain the heat for a long time

  • Little bit noisy

10. Havells Adonia Vertical Storage Water Heater

The Havells Adonia is one of the best water geysers due to its exclusive features and stylish look. It is a sleek and compact heater that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom in an instant. The fero-glass-coated tab comes with a single welding design to ensure it does not get damaged due to the heat.

Havells Water Heater Adonia 15 Litre

Moreover, the Adonia water heater comes with energy-efficient high-density PUF insulations to decrease your electricity bill. It has an Incoloy heating element to offer a fast heating facility. It also comes with a shock-resistant plug. So, there is no chance of getting a shock while operating the geyser.

Furthermore, the inner tank is made of extra-thick premium quality cold rolled steel to ensure the water remains heated for a long time. The durable magnesium anode rod with a steel core protects the tank from any kind of rust or corrosion.

It has an LED panel that changes the color from blue to red as the water gets heated inside the chamber. You can also use the remote control for setting the temperature as per your preference.

Havells Adorna has the innovative Whirl-flow which prevents the mixing of hot and cold water and also saves energy. With this water tank, you can save nearly 25% of electricity.


  • Great look and design
  • LED indicator panel changes colour with the temperature
  • Remote control facility
  • Digital temperature display
  • Rust and corrosion-proof body

  • The price is on the expensive side
  • No installation assistance


The list of the best water geyser in India is complete. It contains different types of electric geysers like the models with storage, instant ones, etc. You can choose any model from this list as per your personal choice.

How to Choose the Best Water Geyser

A geyser is one of the most essential gadgets that you should consider buying. But purchasing the best water geyser in India is not a task that you can do whimsically. You need to check the requirements of your family and other factors like the budget, personal preference, and usage before buying.

Moreover, you need to check the features of a geyser before choosing the model. Because if you do not check all the features before buying, you may end up buying a model that is not perfect to match the requirements of your family.

As a buyer, you may not have details about each aspect. Hence, here is a compact buying guide that covers all the aspects of buying a geyser or water heater. You can read this buying guide and choose the right model for your home.

Types of Geysers

Before you buy a geyser, you need to know about different types of geysers so that you can choose the right model. Here are the common types of geysers available in the Indian market-

Instant Geysers

Instant geysers are ideal for a small family of three to four people. Moreover, if you have a very small bathroom, you can opt for the instant geysers as these models are compact. In general, instant geysers have a storage capacity of one to six liters. The models are able to provide hot water within five minutes.

The geyser instantly heats the water as soon as you turn the power on. But the geyser stops as you turn off the power. As they offer hot water instantly, you need to have another water inlet for cold water to ensure the water is in your preferred temperature range.

The instant geysers are great for using in the kitchen also. They are also energy efficient and consume less electricity. So, if you need the best water geyser that saves a lot of energy while offering great service, choose the instant geysers.

Storage Geysers

The storage geysers are best for any family. Such water heaters come with a spacious water tank to heat and store the water. The hot water can be used when you need it. The storage geysers are able to retain the temperature of the water for a longer time. They take nearly ten minutes to heat the water.

If you have a family of four adults and need to rely on the geyser for a long time, the storage models are the best choice. They have a better capacity, and you can also choose the water temperature range as per your preference. In general, the storage water heaters come with storage of a minimum of six liters. Some models even have a water heater capacity of fifteen to twenty-five liters.

When you turn on the water heater, the water is heated inside the water tank, and then the tank stores the water inside the tank. In general, the water heaters come with two types of storage tables- the copper tanks and stainless-steel tanks.

The models with copper tanks are the costliest models, but they offer better performance. On the other hand, the stainless-steel water tank geysers are more pocket friendly and require less maintenance than the models with copper tanks.

Geysers According to the Mount Style

There are two types of geysers according to the mount style.

Vertical geyser

Vertically geysers are mounted vertically and need more vertical space. They are very common in India. The vertical geysers are usually built in a cylindrical shape. If you have more than two feet of space free in your bathroom, you can install vertical geysers. Such models are less expensive and are also easy to install and require less maintenance.

Horizontal geyser

The horizontal geysers come with a horizontal stricture. If you have less vertical space, you can opt for horizontal water heaters. Such heaters are expensive and come with complex installation procedures. But they offer the same service as the vertical ones.

Why are Electric Geysers the Best Choice?

At present, the best water geysers In India are electric water heaters. The models run on electricity. The energy gets converted into heat through the heating elements like the anode and heating rods, and the heat is then channelized inside the water tank. Water flows inside the tank, and the energy heats the water into your desired temperature.

The electric water heaters are compact and are also user-friendly. Their maintenance and installation require less effort. Moreover, such models are also budget-friendly.

What to Look For in the Best Water Geyser

The Capacity or the Size of the Geyser

The first factor you need to check when you buy the best water geyser is the capacity of geyser you are buying. The daily requirement of hot water is the deciding factor for the capacity of the geyser. If you have a large family, you may need to buy a heater with large storage and facility to provide hot water quickly. On the other hand, for a small family, an instant geyser is enough.

For a family of two to three members who plan to use the geyser for bathing (with a bucket) or for washing utensils, an instant water geyser of six liters is enough. On the other hand, for bathing (bucket), a storage water heater with a capacity of ten to fifteen liters is enough. But, if you plan to go for shower bathing, try to invest in a storage geyser of 15 to 20-liter capacity.

Now, if you have a big family of four to eight members and plan to use water for bathing, try to buy a geyser with at least 125 liters of water tank capacity. For washing hands or utensils, an instant geyser of one to three liters is enough.

Check the Water Tank Material

If you plan to buy the best geyser with a storage facility, always check the tank material before buying it. You can find geysers with copper or stainless steel or thermoplastic water tanks. The materials are energy efficient and also safe for use. Here are some details related to this matter-


Thermoplastic water tanks are better at resisting the corrosive properties of water. But they are not properly insulated.

Stainless steel

The stainless-steel water tanks are very popular in modern geysers with storage facilities. The stainless-steel water tanks usually have an inner and outer coating of anti-corrosive material and another separate glass lining- so it gets protection from electro thermic reactions and corrosive properties of hot water. Such tanks require minimum maintenance.

Copper tanks

Copper tanks are usually available inexpensive water heaters. Being a good heat conductor, copper heats water faster and provides you with quick service. But it is not corrosion resistant and also can not retain heat properly. Hence, the tank often gets damaged and needs more maintenance.

Anti-corrosive and anti-scale properties

While buying the best geyser, always make sure to check whether the water tank has a proper anti-scale and anti-corrosive lining. These two are a must for any heater. But not all limits are the same. The lining strength should be chosen according to the water quality. Many Indian cities have hard water which is highly damaging. Hard water also deposits calcium scales inside the tank. Extremely hard water often damages the tank a lot, and you may need to replace the heater once a year to continue using it.

Manufacturers usually coat the inside of the tank with anti-corrosive materials to solve this problem. In general, porcelain enamel glass, vitreous enamel, blue silicone enamel, titanium, glass-lining, etc. are used as a layer of protective coating.

Steel-based alloys and glass coatings give great insulation, are durable, and less corrosive in nature. Magnesium rods are also great for keeping the corrosive salts away from harming the tank. If you live in an area with extremely harsh water, you may use a water softener that can convert hard water into soft water.


A geyser can consume a lot of energy and electricity during the time it works. The geysers have heat insulation to minimize consumption. Moreover, the insulation coating also makes the heating procedure faster and maintains the operating temperature. For better efficiency in retaining the heat, some best water geyser in India come with a thicker layer of insulation coating. You can find the insulation ratings on the geysers, and from the seller. It is better to choose one model with a thick layer of insulator for a great experience.

In general, the geysers come with fiberglass insulator wool that is kept positioned in place with straps. The insulation blocks the combustion gas outflow and airflow while the burner is on and also prevents the loss of heat. On the other hand, many water heaters come with polyurethane foams which are better than conventional glass wool. The PUF wools are able to retain the water for a longer period and save nearly 40% energy. As a result, you can save your money.


The pressure of the water heater is also important here. A lot of people now live in high-rise buildings. Higher pressure pumps inside geysers ensure that the water reaches inside your bathroom. But you should always check the pressure bar before buying a model. Because, if the pressure is higher than the recommended range, it may lead to water leakage.

In general, the best geysers with more than 6 bars pressure are ideal for high rise buildings and can withstand higher water pressure. Anything lower than this recommended range may lead to leakage and tank bursts. A lot of contemporary water heater models come with a special safety valve. The safety valve decreases the water pressure inside the tank by releasing a small amount of water. If you live in a high-rise apartment, try to buy the best geyser with glass lining inside the tank as such tanks are better at handling high pressure.

Heating elements

The geyser should always have a good heating element in its storage tank. If you are opting for an instant geyser, such features may not be necessary. But, for those who are buying storage water heaters, this feature is crucial. Copper inner tanks are often popular because copper is a good conductor of heat. Some best water heater models also come with glass-coated heating elements that are best for resisting high corrosive agents.

Hence, such geysers are also expensive and cost a lot of money. Such water tanks easily last for four years, even if the water source supplies hard water. Many geysers also come with glass-coated copper tanks. These models are budget-friendly and offer satisfactory performance. If you purchase these models, it may last for two years in case of hard water.

Auto-off Feature

Almost all modern water heaters come with this feature. The auto shut-off mechanism automatically turns off the geyser and prevents excessive power consumption. So, even if you forget to turn off the power of the geyser, it will stop consuming the power itself.

Power Consumption

If you plan to use water heaters daily, it may constitute nearly 18% of your total electricity bill. But electricity consumption also depends on the consumption of the geyser and the condition of the water. For example, if you live in a place that experiences long and chilly winters, the geyser will be used regularly, and the electricity consumption will be higher.

Hence, if you need to make a little bit of savings in your monthly electricity bills, try to understand the energy efficiency of the water heater you are using.

Now, most of the best water geyser come with BEE ratings. You can check the BEE label to check the annual consumption of a particular geyser model. You can also calculate the consumption by using the following formula.

Consumed units = water volume X difference in temperature X the electricity cost per unit

Here are some additional features that you can consider to check and understand the energy consumption of the water heater-

The Nature of Input Water

The nature of input water is also important. The water temperature changes with the season. Hence, the power consumption also changes according to the seasons. The consumption usually increases during the winter as the water temperature becomes lower.

Purpose of the Hot Water

The purpose of the hot water also determines water consumption and electricity consumption. If you plan to use the hot water for washing utensils or for handwashing, consumption is generally low. But, for bathing, electricity consumption will be higher. It is because for bathing you need a large amount of water. Moreover, if you have a small family, usually the geysers consume less energy. But, for a large family with many members (especially adults) consumption goes higher. So it is important to determine the purpose of the hot water before choosing the best geyser.

Thermostat Settings

The thermostat setting also allows you to decrease energy consumption. It is because the thermostat is able to maintain your desired temperature range.

Auto Cut-off Feature

For those who want to decrease electricity consumption, an auto cut-off feature is essential. It prevents excessive consumption by cutting off the power as soon as the water reaches the desired temperature. Hence, if you want to save money, get a geyser that has an auto cut-off feature.

The Ability to Retain Heat

It is also another aspect of energy consumption calculation. If a geyser is able to retain the heat longer, the emergency consumption decreases.


Typically, electric water heaters offer the best performance at 1500-2000 watts. Some branded geysers come with high wattage like 3000-watts to offer more heated water within a small time-frame. A geyser with a high flow rate like 100L per hour requires more power. So, you need to check your consumption and the geyser flow to determine its wattage.


All the water geysers now come with a BEE star rating by the Government of India. Higher the quantity of stars (on a regular scale of 5), the more energy effective the gadget becomes. If you want to save energy in the long term, go for the best water geyser that has higher BEE ratings. A 5-star rating geyser is more energy proficient and consumes less energy than a geyser with a 4-star rating. It is best if you choose a geyser with at least a 4-star BEE rating to ensure a healthy level of energy saving.

Geyser Mount Style

The mounting style of the water heater is also important. You should always take this into consideration before you buy. Well, the mount style is directly linked with the available space. The vertical geysers are mounted vertically and are usually found more in the Indian market. Such heaters take less space and also are great for the bathrooms or kitchens which have a high ceiling.

But, if your bathroom has a low ceiling and installing a vertical geyser is not possible, you may opt for a horizontal geyser. Such geysers are mounted horizontally and are great for rooms with a low ceiling level. Please ensure that there is at least two feet of space available to install a vertical mount geyser.


Durability is very important. You already know the importance of a robust water tank and how the water tank material affects the longevity of the best water geyser you purchase. But the outer coating and the outer body is also important. Some models come with a plastic outer body. But, try to choose a better material like ABS plastic which is able to mold the heater in any shape. Most of the best heaters and geysers in India now have an ABS plastic outer body to enhance their look and aesthetic appeal.

Extra Features

Why not go for something extra? An electric heater will always come with some basic features. But, having some extra features can also come in handy. To get the best bathing experience within your budget, try to choose a model that comes with multiple advanced features. For example, a geyser with a custom temperature setting is great. You can control the temperature setting as per your choice. Having such a model also does not require using another separate inlet for cold water.

Similarly, a light indicator is another feature. If your water heater comes with lights to indicate the geyser operational status or notifies you about the hot water, it is great. Some best geyser models also come with a touch control panel or remote. This way, you get perfect water for bathing or using without spending a lot of time or energy.

Importance of maintenance

Maintenance is also very important. With proper maintenance, a water heater can last for a long time and will also provide you satisfactory experience throughout its shelf-life. But maintenance requirements are not the same for all geysers. Always check the model and enquire about its maintenance procedure before buying it. Although the geysers do not require a lot of maintenance, you need to maintain them from time to time.

Check for the After-sales Assistance

A water heater is a common household appliance. So, it may require some expert assistance after buying. Always check if the after-sales service is available. It is better to go for a well-known brand to get the best after-sales service. Proper customer assistance will help you to get the machine repaired fast.


The installation is another crucial thing. In general, top companies offer free installation kits. Some models come with complimentary installation service. Some models may not offer installation assistance, and you may need to go to a mechanic to get it installed. It is better to check the installation policies of a particular brand before buying the geyser.

Warranty also Matters

While you are buying the best water geyser, it is better to opt for a model that comes with a warranty. Within the warranty period, you may get a replacement model if the model does not work properly. Also having a warranty helps you to prevent spending more money on repairs.

Typically, manufacturers offer two years warranty from the date of purchase. Some high range models also come with a separate warranty for the water tank. Any reputed model will have a separate warranty for the product, the heating element, and of course, the inner tank. Try to buy a model that comes with all these three types of warranties.

The Budget

The budget is always important. Your budget range allows you to find the best available model. It is better if you choose a budget range. Having a range allows you to explore different models available in that range for choosing. So, try to be a little flexible with your budget to buy the best geyser in India.

Ask for Help if You Need it

If you are buying a geyser or a water heater for the first time, you may be a bit confused. So, if you are unable to find the right model, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can ask your relatives or friends who have a geyser in their home. They can help you in many ways. You may get recommendations from some models. Moreover, they might provide you with some tips for buying the best water heater.

Research a lot

Research always helps. You can use the internet to find about multiple models, features, and other details related to geysers. Research helps you to understand many things and also makes you confident.

Best Water Geyser – Some General Tips

1. If you have a high-power water pump, avoid using a geyser with a copper water tank. The high water pressure can damage the copper tank and also the geyser. Hence, it is best to choose a water heater with a stainless-steel water tank. Such models last longer.

2. If you do not need to store hot water, you can buy instant geysers. Such geysers are quick and offer hot water within a few minutes.

3. Try to buy electric storage water heaters with the auto cut-off feature. These features turn the power itself to prevent excessive power consumption.

4. Try to buy models that come with a BEEstar rating or BIS or ISI hallmark. Such products are better and offer good service. The marks ensure that the geyser has undergone multiple trials and is safe for use.

5. If you get installation from the company, you may not need to worry a lot. But, if there is no installation assistance, try to appoint a professional to install the water heater. Hiring a technical expert allows you to get the perfect installation of the machine.

6. Make sure to check the warranty clauses and the warranty period before buying a product.

7. Opt for a shockproof ABS body geyser for the safety of your family members.

8. It is better to use Fire retardant cables. The cables do not get burned easily and also do not have a chance of short circuits.

9. Check if the geyser has a safety valve in it. The safety valve discharges water as soon as the temperature reaches a safe limit. With the safety valve, the geyser becomes durable and will not cause any accidental hazards like burning, short circuits, or leakage.

Some More Tips Regarding Installation and Maintenance

  • It is better to install the geyser at least at a height of two to six feet above the ground level. It ensures the water pressure is normal, and water will flow inside the geyser properly. Also, try to leave some space around the geyser. Space allows a convenient way of servicing or repairing the geyser. The best way is to install the geyser on a wall that does not have anything right beneath the geyser. It will ensure the technician easily reaches the geyser during servicing.
  • Always try to check if the electric water heater is connected to the electricity source. Or try to connect the geyser with your main circuit breaker or MCB. This will prevent short-circuits and power disturbance caused by the geyser.
  • You should use the geyser only when needed. If you leave it by turning the power on for a long time, it may get damaged. The continuous power supply can also decrease the efficiency of the water heater.
  • Try to keep children away from the geyser while it is operational. They might burn their hands with hot water.
  • If you have multiple appliances in your bathroom or kitchen, switch off the other device while you are using the water heater.
  • In case there is a layer of sediment inside the water tank, immediately call a technician to repair the machine. The sediment layer decreases the efficiency of the geyser.
  • Humans can tolerate hot water up to 60-degree Celsius. Hence, always maintain the temperature to 60-degrees C to ensure the geyser offers you ideal water. Moreover, having a selected temperature range also allows you to save electricity consumption. In general, the default temperature level is 60 degrees C. You can change it as per your preference.
  • A water heater tends to consume more electricity if it has unused water inside the tank. So, always use the geyser just before going to bathe and then turn the power off.
  • Make sure to check the geyser anode rod inside the tank before the winter season starts. Typically, large geysers with more than 15L water tank come with an anode rod inside the tank. The rod attracts any kind of corrosive agent inside the water. It prevents the water from corrosion. Due to corrosion, the rod may not work properly. It is better to check the anode rod once during the winter. If you do not have enough time, try to check the rod after two to three years.
  • If you see that the magnesium outer layer is damaged and the stainless-steel core has become visible, get a replacement. Similarly, if the rod contains chalky deposits of calcium, replace it as soon as possible.
  • You need to check the pressure valve at a regular interval. You can release the pressure a couple of times and check if the valve is in the right condition. If the geyser leaks water, get a new pressure valve as soon as possible.
  • Always use the right power socket. Geysers usually consume a healthy amount of energy. If you use low-quality plugs, the pins may get burned due to the wattage problem.
  • It is always better to opt for metal pipes instead of plastic pipes. The metal pipes are durable and do not get damaged easily.
  • It is better to opt for annual maintenance. Examination by an expert technician of the geyser once a year helps in better performance. The regular check-up prevents great damages also.
  • In case you are opting for an instant geyser, make sure to invest in a separate cold-water inlet.
  • Try to install the geyser in such a place where the wall does not get damp or accumulate molds easily. If the wall is damp, it may cause some problems later.
  • Always keep the space all around the geyser free from any kind of obstacle. Do not keep anything near the geyser. Having more space also regulates the heat, and the machine remains stable.
  • It is better to avoid using water geysers with copper tanks in households.
  • Never install the geyser near a gas cylinder or gas stove.

Some guidance about how to flush the water tank of a water heater

If you want to maintain the geyser’s efficiency, try to flush the water once in a while. Flushing water once a year can remove the sediments inside the tank. Here are some guidelines for you-

  1. First, turn the power off and disconnect the power cable of the water heater. This will ensure the heater is safe for flushing the water. Next, you have to switch off the water valve. The water valve regulates the water flow inside the tank. It channels cold water inside the geyser, and the hot water flows to your water line. If you turn off the valve, cold water will not enter the tank, and you will be able to flush out all the remaining water easily.
  2. It is better to allow the water to cool down. Flushing hot water is not required here. You have to wait for at least one to two hours before flushing the water.
  3. Next, flush out all the water with a pipe or through the faucet. Let the water flow until there is no water left inside the tank. After the water is completely drained, you can turn the valve on again.

Best Water Geyser – Frequently Asked Questions

Which geyser brand is best in India?

There are many brands that sell storage water heaters in India. It is better to choose a reputed brand to ensure you get quality products and quality after service. Brands like AO Smith, Bajaj, V-Guard, Havells, Crompton are the best geyser brands in India. You can choose any geyser according to your personal preference or budget.

What should be the water tank capacity for a big Indian family?

If you live in a big Indian family, you need to invest in a water heater with storage. It helps to get more water, and you can also keep water inside the water tank to ensure everyone gets water. A geyser with at least a 15-liter capacity is essential for a large family.

What wattage is important for geysers?

Wattage is also important for a geyser. A geyser with higher wattage offers faster heating and supplies the hot water within minutes. It is better to opt for at least a 2000-watt water heater to get the best experience.

How to choose the best geyser for hard water?

You need to think carefully about the hard water before you buy a geyser. Hard water is extremely corrosive because it contains salts of magnesium, calcium, etc. Hence, if you live in a place where you get hard water, try to opt for a corrosion-resistant water tank. Also, opt for a coated copper Incoloy heating mechanism.

A thicker layer protects the geyser. You can also opt for a stainless-steel water tank.

If you need the best solution, opt for a water softener alongside the geyser. The softener will make the hard water soft, and it will also increase the lifespan of the water heater.

Are instant water heaters great?

Instant water heaters are also good. Such models offer faster heating and provide water in just three to four minutes.

What is the lifespan of a water heater?

In general, a geyser lasts for ten years. It also depends on the water quality and consumption. If there is hard water, the lifespan may be less than ten years.

You have to check about the sedimentation from time to time to check if you need a replacement.

Why does a geyser offer water with a smell of plastic at first?

A lot of water heaters release hot water with the smell of plastic at first. It happens because the plastic coat gets heated, and the water may have a faint smell of plastic. The burnt smell usually goes away after using the model for two to three times. But, if the smell persists, it is better to call a technician for help.

Why is leaving the geyser on dangerous?

If you forget to turn off the geyser and leave it with power on, it will get overheated. Overheating can cause accidents or explosions. So, it is better if you use the geyser when you need it. Now, most of the water heaters come with an auto cut-off switch which cuts off the power automatically if you forget to turn off the power.

Does any model have a remote control or an advanced mechanism?

Yes, some models come with such advanced facilities. Many water heaters come with a touch panel or remote control which allows you to turn the temperature at your preference and switch on or switch off the geyser without much hassle. Some models come with a digital display screen to provide you details about the temperature, the time, etc.

How to choose the mount style of a geyser?

The mounting style is also very crucial. Water heaters can be either horizontal or vertical. The vertical models are great, and you can easily install them in a loft. But, if your bathroom has a low ceiling, a horizontal mount water heater is a good choice.

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