Best Generator in India for Home Use

Having a reliable generator at home gives a major relief when power outage. If you’re searching for the best generator in India for home use, we have you covered.

Home generators come in a variety of sizes and types. But their selection must be done on the basis of your house’s requirements. The buyer’s guide mentioned below will better understand what design will suit your needs.

Apart from the size, portability, fuel capacity, and warranty, make a purchase that will be dependable during power outages. If you can’t afford to lose power even for a few hours, then the list of best generators in India for home use will certainly help to find the right one for you.

Top generators available in India for home use:-

Best generator in India for home useELEMAX. 3300VA (3.3 Kva)
Best generator for home useHONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000
Best generator in India for home useBKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator
Honda EU 30isHonda EU 30is Metal & HDPE
ELEMAX DEG 6500ELEMAX. DEG 6500-2 Diesel Generator
Greaves PowerGreaves Power Generator Set

Best Generator in India for Home Use – Reviews

A generator can be a lifesaver that can provide an uninterrupted power supply in your home. Once upon a time, generators were occasionally used to handle power cuts. But nowadays our growing needs demand a generator for home use at the time of power outage. In this guide, we’ve provided home generator reviews with pros and cons. Also, read the buying guide at the end of this article.

1. ELEMAX. 3300VA (3.3 Kva)

Best generator in India for home use

The Elemax PEG3200B is one of the most reliable generators in India with high fuel efficiency. It is very quiet due to the recoil oil system making it ideal for home use. Smooth operation and hassle-free set- up to make it easy to use for everyone. With a fuel capacity of 18 liters, it can supply power for long hours.

Overheating-related damages are avoided with its forced- air cooling power factor. Use it for several hours continuously without rest, and it still performs consistently. The four strokes standard single-cylinder gives it better mileage and durability as compared to others. Compact size and lightweight designs, along with portable wheels, make it convenient to move around.

No manual labor is required to either displace or start the engine, as the device comes with an electric start. The oil alert system makes it easy to refill the tank when the fuel is running low.

With its amazing emission control capacity, you don’t want to put up with unnecessary smells and fumes. All the plugs, controls and outlets are clearly labeled for anyone to use without difficulty. If you’re on the hunt for buying the best generator in India for home use, this can be an ideal choice.


  • Massive oil capacity
  • Works relatively silently
  • Lightweight with portable wheels

  • High price

2. HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

Best generator for home use

Honda Siel Power EP 1000 has a maximum output of up to 850VA and consists of a four-stroke single-cylinder generator. It doesn’t have an electric start but uses a manual string that needs to be pulled multiple times. This device requires some manual labor to start initially. The mileage offered by the engine is about 0.5 liters/ hour with a fuel tank capacity of 3.5 liters.

Good enough to use for at least 5 to 7 hours at full capacity. However, for longer hours, continuous refilling is mandatory. This best generator in India for home use comes with a fuel cap on the top, making it convenient to refill anytime.

Overheating and wastage of fuel is not an issue due to its advanced air cooling system. With its green technology, the generator produces as little pollution as possible.

Unlike other generators, it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke; hence, one of the best options for home use. The compact size and metal structure come with rubber supports on the bottom. With no wheels, picking this 31 kgs device can be a bit difficult.


  • Firm and compact design
  • Good energy output and easy refilling of the fuel
  • Highly efficient

  • Manual start and no wheels

3. BKR® Super Silent Inverter Generator

Best generator in India for home use

The BKR super silent inverter generators for the home can double the power when needed with its parallel ready option. The optional parallel ready allows connecting two inverters to get twice the power when required. It can power a variety of appliances at home with its AC-rated output running Watts at 1800 AC and the AC max output starting at 2000 AC.

True power technology provides a steady and clean power appropriate for sensitive electronics, appliances and tools. Get up to six hours of runtime with 50% load. The tank capacity is four liters making it ideal for short-term usage for power supply. Integrated choke/run/off knob simplifies the start-up procedures.

The built-in handles make it easy to transport, although the lack of wheels makes it transferable like a luggage bag. The engine comes with excellent noise reduction and fuel efficiency through its economy mode. The LED status alerts the user of power usage, overload and low- oil immediately.

The remote button start gives the user convenience to operate from a distance. Limited maintenance is the best feature of its latest inverter technology, making it one of the best generators in India for home use.


  • Two devices can be connected
  • LED light status
  • Economy mode for fuel efficiency

  • Bulky to carry around

4. Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE

Honda EU 30is

The Honda EU is a silent generator that can be expanded when required. It creates minimal noise, making it appropriate for home and other personal spaces. Small and compact in size, the device comes with four wheels. For ease of movement and convenience, drag the generator anywhere it seems fit.

Metal handles present at the back and front helps to move around the machine instead of lifting or dragging it away. Made with metal and HDPE, this house generator weighs only 60 kgs, excluding the fuel weight. It is capable of supporting several devices at a time with its multiple outputs and AC outputs.

Plugin any kind of devices you want, whether laptops, phones or kitchen appliances, during a power outage. The terrific fuel tank capacity at 12. 5 liters can provide power backup for up to 23 hours when used to its full capacity. This house generator can run on just 2 liters of petrol in its Eco mode for about 7- 8 hours. You can save up to 20- 40% of fuel when the machine works on Eco-mode.


  • Can support up to 1.5 tons of AC
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Silent and small size
  • Easy mobility

  • Expensive

5. ELEMAX. DEG 6500-2 Diesel Generator


Discover continuous power for up to 8 hours with The Elemax Diesel generator set. It is an affordable generator considering its tank capacity of 14 liters. The single-cylinder four-stroke portable generator produces little noise. Use it for home or office, and you won’t even notice its presence. Lightweight and energy-efficient, this device comes with portable wheels.

Displace it easily to any convenient place without any hassle. The oil alert system immediately signals to fill the tank before the fuel runs out. It saves you precious time and stops the engine from self- damage. Low maintenance is one of the key features of this generator. Use it continuously for hours and days, but still, it performs consistently.

Provided with one year warranty, you get your money worth of usage from the machine and can trust its dependability. Get reimbursed for any manufacturing defect within the first year of purchase. The advantage of electric or recoil start makes it easy to use for anyone. Unlike other generators, you don’t have to pull strings several times to get the engine going.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Portable and low maintenance
  • One year warranty

  • Limited time usage

6. Greaves Power Generator Set

Greaves Power

The Greaves power generator packs more than its size. Weighing at 300kgs, this compact generator comes with convenient metal handles and four wheels at the bottom. It glides easily across surfaces, making it extremely portable.

The company produces some of the best diesel-run machines in the country. Hence, this diesel generator provides better fuel efficiency and savings at the same time. Provided with forced air coolers, there are minimal chances of overheating. The device comes with a single-cylinder-type engine with a power rating of 2.5kVA. Highly eco-friendly as it produces smaller footprints.

A maximum capacity of 15 liters gives long-lasting power with a convenient fuel tank located on the top. There are 12 v dry batteries with connecting terminals and leads. One of the fantastic features of the generator is a unique integrated DG set controller.

The 4- line LCD screen displays command, and the parameters are all settable with password protection. Get a fully configurable digital output that starts with the click of a button. If you want to buy the best generator in India for use and budget is not a problem, then you can go for this generator.


  • Portable wheels
  • Controls displayed on an LCD screen
  • Diesel run
  • Provides sufficient power and efficiency

  • Too heavy at 300kgs

7. Sarrvad Solar Powered Generator

Sarrvad Solar Powered Generator

The Sarrvad solar generator stores energy by using lithium metal batteries. The generator can support tablets, laptops, mini fans, TVs etc. It is the perfect accompaniment to provide electricity during trekking, camping and even at home during short-time power outages. The additional features of Blink/ flashlight/SOS, including its portable size, make it ideal for traveling and outdoor activities.

The device comes with one car charger and a power adapter, so you can charge it with a car adapter or any wall outlet. As it is solar-powered, it is more pocket-friendly and one of the best generators in India for home use. Its solar panel is at 13V~24V/2.1A Max, which makes it usable after a couple of hours under direct sunlight.

It is the most eco-friendly generator you can invest in that produces the least pollution. With various outputs like 1 x AC modified sinewave output, charge a variety of devices on it. Plug your devices directly into the device with its 4 DC Ports, 2 USB ports and one C- type port. However, do not use an AC device that might require more than 200W of power.


  • Recharge Multiple gadgets at a time
  • Compact and portable
  • Solar- Powered

  • Not suitable for longer periods of usage


Best Generator in India for Home Use – Buying Guide

Here is some o the tips to get the right generator for your home.

Choose the Right Size for Your Needs

To select the right generator size, check out how much watts each appliance at your home requires to run. Check their manual for reference. Add up those wattages, and you will know what capacity of generator will be good enough for your requirements. Some of the best Generators in India are available in three basic sizes that provide different usages.


The small size generators can produce up to 4000 watts of power. They usually come with a built-in inverter. They are compact enough to take outdoors like on trekking and camping trips. These mini generators can sufficiently provide power for a few essential appliances at a time, like sump pumps, refrigerators and a few lights.


The midsize standby or portable generator can produce 5000 to 8500 watts of electricity. The higher end of these size generators can power an electric heater and other large appliances as well. Like small-size generators, this can power everything they can, along with a window air conditioner, portable heater, computer, and fans for gas furnaces.


The large size generators are standby generators. They can produce power of up to 10,000 watts or more. That is enough power to sustain central air conditioning along with other appliances. The largest models in the market can put out power of up to 15,000 watts. It is enough for an entire electric heating system.

Choose the Right Fuel Source

If you’re going to buy the best generator in India for home use, then there are three possibilities for the kind of fuel you want to use.

Natural gas

When using a standby generator and your home already uses natural gas in the kitchen, you can connect the device with the cylinder. It is more convenient and easily available at home. Natural gas is also cheaper than any other form of fuel. You don’t have to keep a stock of fuel or worry about refueling when the engine runs out of it suddenly. However, it can be dangerous when not connected cautiously. It is also not a viable option for portable generators.


Propane is a very eco-friendly fuel to use. It produces less CO2 and no unpleasant smell at all. However, it is not easily available and always requires a high pressure inside the fuel tank to be useful. In extremely cold weather, your generators might take time to start- up if they use propane as fuel.


This is the most popular choice of fuel for generators. You can easily get petrol from the nearest petrol station and have fuel on standby anytime at home. But petrol or gasoline can go bad over time unless a fuel stabilizer is added to it. The fumes are very smelly, and the price is a deciding factor as well. Petrol rates can be very high at times, and using a generator for hours will probably cost a lot than expected.

Apart from the size and the choice of fuel, here are some other factors to keep in mind before buying a generator.

The Usage

If you want a generator to be permanently fixed to your house, then opt for a stationary one. Especially if you need a large size generator for bigger coverage, then a stationary generator is your better choice. However, if you travel a lot and enjoy outdoor activities, opt for the portable version. You can either use it at home or conveniently carry around the device wherever required.

The Amount of Power Required

Most of the best generators in India for home use are standby generators that can produce more power than portable ones. They can power every system of your house by producing power anywhere between 5000 to 20,000 watts. It is enough to sustain your whole house. But portable generators, by contrast, can only produce 3000 to 8000 watts. Only a few critical systems such as some fans, lights, a fridge and maybe a window AC unit can work, but they can’t keep the whole house running.


In comparison, portable generators are the cheapest ones available in the market. They can range anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to 50,000. You can install them by yourself or call an electrician for safer and easier use. The larger-sized generators have more output and need professional installation. The cost of a larger standby generator can shot up to one lakh or more depending on its capacity.

Storage Capacity of Your Home

Haul out the portable generator wherever you need it. They don’t need a specific space to be installed and are ready to use anywhere you want. However, the standby models often require a sizeable chunk of space. They will probably be sitting there all year round. Hence first, decide where you are going to store the generator and whether you have enough space for safe storage of the machine or not.

All the above featured generators received good feedbacks from consumers. We believe that the reviews and well-researched buyer’s guide have helped you to select the best generator in India for home use.

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