Best Cutlery Set in India

If you’re looking for the best cutlery set in India or the best cutlery set brands in India, you are in the right place.

A cutlery set is an essential part of every table setting. Whether it be everyday use or special occasions, having the right cutlery set will elegantly change the entire tablescape. With so many options, choosing the best cutlery set in India is really a daunting task.

Basically, there are components in the cutlery set – table knife, spoon and a fork. If the durability of the cutlery set is your primary concern, then go for a stainless steel cutlery set.

It is better to have a basic understanding of what you’re looking for. So after the reviews of the best cutlery set in India, don’t forget to read the buying guide.

Best Cutlery Set in India – Reviews

1. AmazonBasics 20-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

AmazonBasics Best cutlery set in India

This cutlery set is from one of the best cutlery set brands in India – Amazon Basics. It is a 20-piece cutlery set consisting of 4 salad forks, 4 dinner forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 dinner spoons, and 4 dinner knives.

All the utensils of this set are made of 18/0 stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about its durability. The pieces are ergonomically designed and easy to hold with a just-the-right-weight feel. It is suitable for serving four people.

Cleaning is easy as all the components of this best-selling cutlery set are dishwasher safe. As an added advantage, it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

2. Parage Lily Premium Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Best cutlery set brands in India

This set comes with enough cutlery pieces to serve six people. It contains 6 master spoons, 6 teaspoons, 6 forks, 6 soup spoons. All the cutlery utensils are made of food grade stainless steel and also dishwasher safe.

Each utensil is elegantly designed with a balanced weight to make this cutlery set for everyday use. With stainless steel construction, this cutlery set is sturdy and durable and it will last long rust-free.

The edges of all the cutlery items are smooth for safety purposes. This flatware set also comes with a nice-looking stand. This product is available at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for cutlery set for your own use or to gift someone, this is an ideal option to go with.

3. Crystal – MKA231A Stainless Steel Cutlery Set


This elegant cutlery set is perfect for a 4 or 5 person family. With superb build quality, it is a 24 piece cutlery set that includes 6 pieces teaspoon, 6 baby spoons, 6 dessert spoons, and 6 dessert forks.

The spoons and forks have better scooping capabilities that will enhance your dining experience. Made of good gauge stainless steel, the cutlery utensils are durable and can withstand daily use.

It is available in two variants – plastic handle, steel handle. Although this cutlery set comes with an assortment of spoons, it doesn’t contain butter knives as it is inevitable in every table setting.

The stand is simple and attractive. So storing the cutleries is easy after using as it comes with hooks to hang the cutleries.

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo 24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Amazon Solimo

Amazon Solimo is one of the best cutlery set brands in India. This set contains 24 pieces – 6 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons, 6 forks, 6 dessert spoons. Your guests will be so wowed by this well designed cutlery set.

The handles of each cutlery piece feature thick stems with a nice design that creates an attractive look. Apart from its stylish design, it also features smooth edges for safety.

Each utensil of this cutlery is crafted with food grade stainless steel. Also, it is durable and rust-resistant and it will not bend or tarnish. If you’re looking for the best cutlery set with great finish and design, this is an ideal option.

5. Primelife Super Cutlery Set for Dining Table with Stand


This Primelife cutlery set is a 24 piece cutlery set and contains 6 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons, 6 forks, 6 dessert spoons. Each utensil is made of stainless steel with ABS plastic handles. Also, the handles add design flair and are comfortable to hold while using.

When it comes to cleaning, it is easy both by hand washing or using a dishwasher. The edges of the utensils are smooth, so it is safe to use.

This unique and elegant cutlery set is ideal for dining tables and will add style and grace to every meal. At an affordable price, this set offers value for money.

6. Silver Shark Cutlery Set for Dining Table with Stand

Silver Shark

This wallet-friendly cutlery set is a 24 piece set that includes 6 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons, 6 forks, 6 dessert spoons. Made from rust-resistant food grade stainless steel, all the utensils are sturdy and durable.

It features heat resistant comfort grip handle made of virgin plastic. The cutlery set has 4 sections and features a tree to enhance the tablescape.

The utensils are lightweight but durable. If you’re searching for cutlery set at a nominal price, you can try this Silver Shark cutlery set.


Best Cutlery Set Brands in India

AmazonBasics, Amazon Solimo, Parage, Crystal are some of the best cutlery set brands in India.

What to Look for in the Best Cutlery Set in India


Usually, all cutlery sets are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is an alloy and manufactured in three different grades – 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0. The first number indicates the amount of chromium while the second number refers to nickel. Cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel is high quality. If you don’t want to spend more, but still you need the best cutlery set then you can go with a cutlery set made of 18/0 stainless steel.

Stamped vs. Forged

Apart from grading, stainless steel cutlery is created in two ways – Stamped and Forged. Most of the cutleries are stamped meaning it is stamped from a large piece of stainless steel sheet. Forged cutlery utensils are made by forging by hand. The heating process makes the cutlery utensils made of forged method stronger. So forged stainless steel cutlery is expensive than its stamped counterpart.


Usually, a cutlery set is defined by the number of pieces. In India, it is available in different numbers. The number of pieces depends on your requirement and how many people you’re going to feed. A 24 piece cutlery set is more than enough for a family of 4-6 members.

Types of Cutlery

Typically, a cutlery set consists of three types of cutlery – spoons, forks, and knives. Some best cutlery sets in India include spoons, forks, and knives, while some don’t include bread knives. If you need additional utensils, you can buy them separately.


Design of cutlery is also an important factor to consider while you’re looking for the best cutlery set. Some sets feature different materials, usually plastic, for the handles. It will enhance the look and feel of the utensils. But it has some drawbacks as it will come off in the long run especially if you run a dishwasher for cleaning.


Weight is also an important factor to consider. When you use the cutlery it should feel comfortable to hold. Lightweight cutlery is easy to use and carry while heavy-duty cutlery lasts long. Well balanced cutlery that feels comfortable in your hand is the ideal cutlery set.

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