Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney: Which is Better?

There is no doubt that a kitchen chimney is an excellent appliance to keep the kitchen clean from grease, fumes, and odors released during cooking. When you look for buying a kitchen chimney, most of us are often confused about whether to buy a baffle filter chimney or filterless chimney. If you’re searching for baffle filter vs filterless chimney comparison, this article is for you.

In India, there are two types of chimneys available, one is chimney fitted with baffle filter and another one is filterless chimney. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to decide which one is best for your kitchen.

Baffle Filter vs Filterless Chimney – Comparison

Here, we are going to cover what is baffle filter and filterless chimney, and how they work. Moreover, you will find the pros and cons of these two types of chimneys. First, start with a baffle filter chimney.

Baffle Filter

Baffle filters are an improved version of mesh filters used in the past. They are made from stainless steel or high-quality aluminum material. The Baffle filter uses curved panels which are equally spaced apart. It can optimize the airflow in the chimney. When the smokes pass through these curved panels, grease droplets get stuck to the filter, and smoke goes away from the kitchen.

baffle filter vs filterless chimney


How Do Baffle Filters Work?

Baffle filters have interlocking baffles with complex routes. When the cooking fumes go through these routes grease droplets are unable to change direction as rapidly as the air carrying them. In this process, oil and heavy particles get trapped while smoke escapes from the kitchen through the exhaust system.

We use lots of oil and spice in our Indian style of cooking. So chimneys fitted with baffle filters are best for Indian cooking. The durability of the baffle filter depends on the proper maintenance of the filter. One of the advantages of baffle filter is that it will not clog easily. For a healthy cooking environment, it requires cleaning every 3 to four months.

Considering the price, baffle filter chimneys are less expensive than filterless chimneys. For those who want to clean their kitchen in a traditional way, baffle filter chimneys are best suited for them.


  • Since baffle filters are made of stainless steel/aluminum, they are durable and long-lasting.
  • The space between each panel provides enough airflow so that they will get clogged and result in better performance.
  • It is easy to clean. As most of the baffle filters are dishwasher-proof, they can be cleaned in dishwasher or manually.
  • Suitable for Indian style of cooking
  • Baffle filter kitchen chimneys are aesthetically appealing



  • To ensure proper functioning, it needs cleaning and maintenance periodically.
  • Noisy than filterless chimneys

Filterless Chimney

Filterless chimneys do not have any physical filters. Generally, they make use of a suction motor. As there is no filter, it requires zero maintenance on your part. Nowadays, filterless kitchen chimneys are popular in India.

How Do Filterless Chimneys Work?

As filterless chimneys have no filter, they use suction power to remove oil and heavy particles produced during cooking. The working mechanism makes the heavier particles get deposited on the walls then get accumulated in the oil collector tray.

Nowadays, filterless chimneys come with auto-clean features. It doesn’t require manual cleaning. The job of cleaning can be done with just a press of a button. The entire process will take only a few minutes.

Since they don’t have physical filters, the user will not face any clogging issues. One of the advantages of filterless technology, they provide maximum suction power without producing much noise.

For heavy cooking that involves cooking a lot of oily and spicy foods, filterless chimney is not a good option. But it is good enough for normal cooking. In this case, you can opt for a baffle filter chimney.

Considering the price of filterless chimneys, they are a little bit more expensive than baffle filter chimneys.


  • As there is no filter, there will be no cleaning hassles.
  • Since it comes with auto clean feature, it doesn’t require any maintenance from you.
  • Quiet operation ensures a pleasant cooking experience.
  • Durable and long-lasting



  • Expensive
  • Not effective with heavy oily and spicy cooking

Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney – FAQs

Baffle filter or Filterless: Which is best for Indian cooking?

While both are efficient in removing smokes, filterless technology is the latest invention, and baffle filter chimneys are more conventional. But, when it comes to Indian cooking, baffle filter performs better than a filterless model.

Indian cooking uses a lot of oils and spices. So when frying it makes aroma and grease get deposited on the walls. In this case, it requires a chimney that can effectively handle oil and spice-rich cooking. Baffle filter chimney is well suited for heavy frying and seasoning.

At the same time, filterless chimney is good enough for an Indian kitchen with medium cooking. Also, filterless models don’t require maintenance or cleaning on your part. So it is a hassle-free way of keeping the kitchen keen.

Is Filterless Chimney Good?

Yes. Filterless chimney is good for medium cooking. They are also quiet and require less maintenance.

Conclusion: Filterless Chimney vs Baffle Filter Chimney

We believe that you’ve enjoyed this baffle filter vs filterless chimney guide. In a nutshell, a baffle filter kitchen chimney is perfect for heavy cooking that releases lots of smokes while filterless is enough for medium cooking and also almost zero maintenance.

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